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Susan Allen is an internationally renowned Evidential Psychic Medium & Animal Intuitive. Connecting with Spirit, Susan consistently delivers powerful messages with gentleness, compassion, warmth, and wit, providing her clients healing, peace, and closure. Having spent decades cultivating her innate spiritual gifts, Susan draws from her experience as an Energy Healer, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Author, and Spiritual Mentor. Susan works with individuals and groups from celebrities to doctors, professional athletes to moms, families, and more.

Susan’s Story

Susan Allen is an Intuitive Healer and Medium who began studying mediumship and mysticism in her late teens. Susan can connect with both humans and animals at their soul level. She’s been communicating with animals since childhood.

“My whole life, I’ve always felt empathically what others were feeling. Now I believe it’s always been Spirit, too.”

Susan has spent decades cultivating the spiritual gifts she was born with. As a former Ford Model, Art Dealer, and a Real Estate professional, Susan has found mediumship to be her truest calling. “Mediumship healed me. It wasn’t until I started meditating and trusting my intuition that I fully embraced my unique gifts to help others heal, too.” Susan believes in healing through mediumship and honors the next level in her life as a working Medium.

“I love talking to dead people.”

Susan shares her gifts through authentic, insightful, and transformative readings. Susan has helped countless clients around the world connect with loved ones—both people and pets, present and passed. The messages she conveys are deeply touching.


Soul Speak

What makes Susan’s gift truly special is her ability to communicate on a soul level with humans and animals through SOUL SPEAK, a name that came to her through meditation. She conveys messages from clients’ loved ones and pets, past and present.

Susan’s channeling through pets and people, brings next level healing to her clients, their pets, and their environment. The channeled information that Susan provides is insightful, powerful, and truly useful.

Susan extends her gifts beyond individual sessions, offering mentorship and spiritual teaching to those seeking to enhance their own intuitive abilities. Through one-on-one guidance, she empowers students to tap into their innate connections. Her nurturing approach helps others trust their intuition and deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness between all beings.

Book your Personal Soul Speak or Animal Soul Speak session today!

“I am grateful for the gift of animal communication and the capacity for connecting deeply with people.  I find that the sessions are therapeutic for humans and animals with which I communicate.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to share this gift with you and your animals.”

Susan Allen