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Personal Soul Speak

Susan’s mediumship gave me goose bumps, she was spot on. Not only did it give me peace of mind, it also brought some clarity, and helped me reach me some important closure since my mother passed. Our session brought me to tears, and made me laugh. On the lighter spectrum of our session, Susan informed me that my mother was playing cards. This made me laugh because my mother loved playing cards, she kept a deck on her bedside table. On the other side of the spectrum, she gave me messages and insight from my mother about certain things I have been going through that really hit home. Susan is awesome, I will be doing this again. I highly recommend her, 100%.
Thank you sooooo much for communicating with Simon. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Greatly Appreciated!
Hi Susan. Talking to you was amazing! I can’t thank you enough! I still can’t get over all the things you told me about that I had forgotten (the ramp, the soccer and baseball games) and the things I didn’t know (my son giving him leg massages). You really did my heart good. Thanks for your gift. Keep up the wonderful work. You are amazing! Thank you so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI – the kids and Rafael remembered what the ramp was. It was a slide he used to run full speed up and slide back down. And the massages were my son Rafe – I didn’t even know! My husband used to cook him steaks (I forgot!) You reminded me of so much stuff that I had completely forgotten. (Like the baseball and soccer games). Amazing.
Thank you sooooo much for communicating with Simon. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Greatly Appreciated!
That was actually one of the best readings I’ve ever gotten because my friend Thom just recently passed, and I was really mad that he didn’t tell me he was dying. It felt like I really wasn’t that important to him after all. And I cannot share this with anybody because we kind of had a thing about 10 years ago.
I am so thankful for Susan’s help by providing a miracle to help find my lost cat Dorian. At the time it have recently moved cross country and my cats where not yet familiar with my new home, Dorian ran outside and disappeared. I have been looking for him for 3 days leaving food outside calling him all over and no show of him. Then I contacted Susan and her first words were “My name is Dori, I am lost and I am missing Alexandra.” Alexandra is my daughters name and she calls him Dori. Listening to Susan’s guidance and advice we looked for him together. A little while after she prayed and spoke to him in spirit to tell him to listen to his mom’s voice I got a nudge to go look for him again. I kept going outside and calling and calling him and then I heard him answering. He was completely disoriented and lost, scared of me but he kept responding to my voice like Susan said he would. Amazingly he came to me and let me pick him up while I was talking to him. He was literally found within two hours since I had a call with Susan. She is a true Angel of God to be sent to us to help our furry family members. I am so thankful to Susan and her love, determination, patience, willingness to help. She didn’t hesitate once and she stayed involved constantly to make sure that Dorian is found. Words “above and beyond highly recommended” would fit to describe her. Thank you so much!
Alexandra & Adriana
I had an incredible animal communication session with Susan that was unlike any other session that I had. She blew me away with some facts that were very accurate about my dog, our environment, me and details about the relationship that I have with my loving companion (my dog). The session was a mix of precise information that stood out way above some of the typical animal communication sessions. Susan did not talk about general, ‘fluffy’ information, but she provided insightful information that was trans-formative and extremely useful for me as well as the health/well being of my dog. Most of all, it is clear that this is the work that she is destined to do because she delivers the messages in a authentic, caring way from a place of genuine love.
Dr. Daphne Mobley, CEO, ACC, DVM
I had such a wonderful experience with Susan. I was referred to her after a difficult year of health problems with my Yorkie, Jager. I was very doubtful at first but she told me things that no one could possibly know about. She was gentle and loving and spent so much time on the phone with me. Jager and II had the opportunity to get my questions answered as well as hear what my dog wanted to share with me. Not only did this session provide me with reassurance but a reminder of the bond my dog and I share. We also spoke about some dietary issues that Jager had been having and she let me know his input, it has made all the difference! I have recommended her to friends and family. Thank you so much for everything Susan!

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Animal Soul Speak

This is Billy, we spoke the other night about my cat, Mr Thom. Thank you for the work you do. It is invaluable, and such a blessing.
Billy Corgan
Smashing Pumpkins
I am in awe of Susan!! She told me about my Charlie Boy who passed last August and how much he was thankful for my loving care before he passed. When she told me who was taking care of him, I almost did the ugly cry. She said my Daddy had him and they were in a boat fishing. My Daddy has been gone 38 years and if anyone had to have Charlie, it would be my Daddy. Dad had Charlie under his jacket and was feeding him treats. That was so much like them! I still cried the ugly cry, because how could she possibly know my Daddy was a fisherman?! I know Charlie is safe and being spoiled more than I spoiled him. She is a beautiful soul and I love to do a one one on one with her. Thank you so much. Susan XOXOXO
Lesley-Ann Holman
Susan came highly recommended…My golden retriever needed two knee replacements and I spoke to Susan the evening prior to the surgery. She had no idea that he was to undergo the procedure the next day.

What Susan told me was remarkable. She told me that he knows what’s going on and that he’s fine with it. However, the most astonishing thing happened during the reading. My dad who passed over two years ago last month came through holding my Wheaton terrier who passed. Susan started offering information about my sons and how one needs to drive more slowly…that he’s keeping my father on his toes!

I never expected that and it was so comforting. I believe that Susan is gifted way beyond what she’s aware of right now.

It was a most powerful reading…all because of my pup’s torn ACLs!

Thank you Susan.
I sent Susan a photo of my dog Cliff. Upon opening the photo apparently he was screaming ” I need a walk”. It was never more true- I took on an extra 20 more hours a week at work and Cliff was very anxious and barking a lot.

Susan was able to get it right away and now we are one big happy family walking Cliff every night. I highly recommend Susan because she has a true connection with animals that is striking and profound. I said to Susan before hanging up the phone that I wanted to follow her career.
Want to get in touch with your animal? Stop right now and contact Susan. What began as an interview turned into a very powerful session with my old friend Zeke whom I have not seen for over 30 years. Not only did Susan connect with Zeke, but the message that came through was powerful and revealed things that only Zeke would know.

Zeke was my companion at a very trying time in my early life. I am happy he enjoyed my guitar and singing, playing in the snow and how he knew all that was going on in my life…. The memories that have been flooding my mind have been Zeke very joyous and I know that Zeke’s sudden departure took place so he could still be at my side…. A new tattoo is on the way Zeke!

Thanks Susan and for those who are still wondering…. You will believe!
Don Spencer
Omgawd- Susan you are a ROCK STAR! Linda told me you said George had a urinary infection, so I asked my mom to take him to the vet (I’m out of town and they are staying with her) anyway, he wasn’t acting sick or going outside his box but we both agreed if the psychic said he had one then we must take him and damn if he didn’t have the early stages of one! Ah-mazing!!!

They gave him a new shot that should cure it in about two weeks. She said to bring him back in a week if he doesn’t stop peeing outside his box. We had to tell the vet something other than the psychic said to take him in, so we said he was going outside his box. So, in a weeks time, will you hone in on him and see if he needs to go back please? Lol!

You are amazing. Thank u! Oh, and I’m going to give Foo her artist kit!
Amanda Andrews
Susan is a brilliant, insightful and empathic animal communicator. What was incredible and very amazing is how she not only got very specific messages from my dog about what would be helpful for me to know about him, like why he was running away and ailments he was having etc., but very useful things to know about my personal life and family. Her insights, clarity and guidance had far-reaching implications for all areas of my life. I felt more at peace from our session.

Animals have things they want to share with us. What pet owner wouldn’t want to know what they are wanting to tell us?! Susan can work with your pet whether he or she is living or has passed. Either way the sessions are quite comforting and create peace of mind. I highly recommend her.
Catherine D.
I’m still in shock at the information that Susan was able to communicate with me after my Soul Speak session! I have been broken-hearted since the unexpected and devastating loss of my beloved dog. More than anything, I really hoped to receive a message of love and comfort. Not only was Susan immediately able to connect me with confirmation and messages of love from my dog Knight, she also connected me with my father, who passed away almost 10 years ago! I was shocked! My father and I were never close, but Susan knew details that no one could ever possibly know. She was able to talk about his passing, my relationship with him and other details about my life. I received so many messages of love and support! But my reading didn’t stop there. Over the following weeks, I realized that some of the messages that Susan gave me were actually like spiritual breadcrumbs. Susan had mentioned a very specific item – a striped sweater – that she thought was my dog’s favorite. I was so impressed that she picked up on this detail, but we bought it when he was a puppy and I hadn’t seen it in a long while. And then a week later, I was looking for something in my garage, and there was this little, striped sweater! I could not believe it!

Susan’s loving messages have eased my grief and have given me much to look forward to. I can’t thank her enough! She is an incredible blessing.
I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Susan Allen animal intuitive that gave me so much useful information about my 9 1/2 year old Boxer Ruben. He is so dear to my heart and when I couldn’t help him I contacted Susan. She has an amazing gift with animals, Ruben opened up to her and overnight healed 100% from a 3 week illness based on 2 suggestions she gave me. Call it a miracle, I call it a miracle channeled through Susan. THANK YOU!!!!! I can not THANK you enough Susan for your informative reading with Ruben. So many unanswered questions were fulfilled from the reading and it left me feeling relieved, happy and more informed about what is important to my best buddy Ruben. You truly have a gift and I am grateful!
Dawn Depke
Aroma Seize
Before Susan started, I was not really believing that she could actually talk to Storm. I thought that she would just make it all up.

She mentioned how he enjoyed “pretzel time” and that was something only me and Storm knew about. My mom would give me a bowl of pretzels but she would always give me more than I wanted. So, I gave Storm the rest of the pretzels and never told anyone.

The biggest thrill of my reading with Susan was when we talked about how Storm died. I was worried that it was my fault – that I was the reason he died. I thought I wasn’t there for him enough.

imageWhen Susan told me that he said not to blame myself, that it was not my fault, I felt so much relief. Now I don’t blame myself. It makes me happy to know I did all I could for him.

The other part of the reading that was so special to me was when Storm said that it is OK to love other dogs because he knows I will always love him. I have always thought that if I got a new dog, it would make Storm jealous. Now, I am able to enjoy my new dog, Izzy.
Alexia Fitzpatric, 11 Years Old
I would like to thank Susan from the bottom of my heart for what she has been doing for pets and for their people. She is truly gifted and knows so many details in the situation without even telling her anything. I have called Susan multiple times with questions about my cats and myself as well and ALWAYS would get some priceless advise!

I feel so relaxed after talking to her. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who would like to talk to their pets (living or who already crossed the rainbow bridge), or who has questions about their own life path. It’s an amazing experience!!
Marina P.
Susan’s brilliant work rocked me to my core. She was, of course, able to hear Ziggy Mo’s story on his life prior to my finding him at the shelter. That information has explained so much…. but the reading did not stop there. Susan was able to hear from Ziggy’s angelic self and then channeled a high vibrational reading for me. Unbelievable!!!

The messages were deep and loving, clear and mind-blowing. She is able to “hear” on so many levels at once. Susan is a blessing in this world and her gifts are exploding…. daily. I am mighty grateful to have found her. xo
Rochelle Orion
I haven’t listened to the recording yet, but will before I sleep tonight. I had more time to reflect and I wish I had remembered these things during our conversation. First, his big nose….I had made up a song for him a while back, and I just repeat, “You’ve got a big nose.” You’ll have to let me sing it for you when we go walking. But it’s so funny because my family, mostly my mom and I, just love to comment on what a big nose he has…it appears huge in pictures sometimes! So eventually I just started singing that to him. I’m glad he told you, now me, that he loves his big nose. We love it too.

I also better understand his response about his howling–it’s his way of expressing himself. He doesn’t know how I feel all the time because I don’t express my emotions as well, and I do feel that since I’ve had him, I have felt more encouraged to speak up more, just like he does, when something doesn’t feel right. He taught me to use my voice more, but it’s something I certainly still struggle with as I have repressed so much for so long.

Anyway, I’m going to listen to the recording. I’m very thankful to have Pickles in my life and to have met you to help me better understand our relationship. I don’t know if you are able to explain, but I was curious as to what he sounds like. Thanks again!
I have taken some time to write you because I am so unbelievably moved by your insight Into my boys that I’m just can’t understand it.

You have given me vindication of what I’ve thought all along about my dogs but silly to say. For you to know who they are and for you to know them Just by a photo is amazing.

Surprisingly you told by about love, how much they love us and its given us an amazing understanding of their feelings as well. I can’t thank you enough. We are all now more closer than ever.
Ron S.
Our pets are like angels who lift us to our feet when our spirits have trouble remembering how to fly.

Susan and her beautiful communication with animals brought to our family an abundance of love and comfort when we lost our beloved chihuahua Wednesday. Yes, animals do have souls. Susan was able to communicate with Wednesday’s spirit bringing to us the most beautiful messages.

Susan was also able to communicate with Axel our chihuahua who is alive as well. All of the messages rang so true it is truly confirmation that there is so much more to living that meets the eye. How is this possible some may ask? If one chooses to open the mind to a higher level of consciousness it is possible to connect with the beautiful souls, spirits and energies of the universe. Susan has this amazing gift to share.
Charlene Ustin C. Ht.

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