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Testimonials – Personal Soul Speak

Susan’s mediumship gave me goose bumps, she was spot on. Not only did it give me peace of mind, it also brought some clarity, and helped me reach me some important closure since my mother passed. Our session brought me to tears, and made me laugh. On the lighter spectrum of our session, Susan informed me that my mother was playing cards. This made me laugh because my mother loved playing cards, she kept a deck on her bedside table. On the other side of the spectrum, she gave me messages and insight from my mother about certain things I have been going through that really hit home. Susan is awesome, I will be doing this again. I highly recommend her, 100%.
Thank you sooooo much for communicating with Simon. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Greatly Appreciated!
Hi Susan. Talking to you was amazing! I can’t thank you enough! I still can’t get over all the things you told me about that I had forgotten (the ramp, the soccer and baseball games) and the things I didn’t know (my son giving him leg massages). You really did my heart good. Thanks for your gift. Keep up the wonderful work. You are amazing! Thank you so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI – the kids and Rafael remembered what the ramp was. It was a slide he used to run full speed up and slide back down. And the massages were my son Rafe – I didn’t even know! My husband used to cook him steaks (I forgot!) You reminded me of so much stuff that I had completely forgotten. (Like the baseball and soccer games). Amazing.
That was actually one of the best readings I’ve ever gotten because my friend Thom just recently passed, and I was really mad that he didn’t tell me he was dying. It felt like I really wasn’t that important to him after all. And I cannot share this with anybody because we kind of had a thing about 10 years ago.
I am so thankful for Susan’s help by providing a miracle to help find my lost cat Dorian. At the time it have recently moved cross country and my cats where not yet familiar with my new home, Dorian ran outside and disappeared. I have been looking for him for 3 days leaving food outside calling him all over and no show of him. Then I contacted Susan and her first words were “My name is Dori, I am lost and I am missing Alexandra.” Alexandra is my daughters name and she calls him Dori. Listening to Susan’s guidance and advice we looked for him together. A little while after she prayed and spoke to him in spirit to tell him to listen to his mom’s voice I got a nudge to go look for him again. I kept going outside and calling and calling him and then I heard him answering. He was completely disoriented and lost, scared of me but he kept responding to my voice like Susan said he would. Amazingly he came to me and let me pick him up while I was talking to him. He was literally found within two hours since I had a call with Susan. She is a true Angel of God to be sent to us to help our furry family members. I am so thankful to Susan and her love, determination, patience, willingness to help. She didn’t hesitate once and she stayed involved constantly to make sure that Dorian is found. Words “above and beyond highly recommended” would fit to describe her. Thank you so much!
Alexandra & Adriana
I had an incredible animal communication session with Susan that was unlike any other session that I had. She blew me away with some facts that were very accurate about my dog, our environment, me and details about the relationship that I have with my loving companion (my dog). The session was a mix of precise information that stood out way above some of the typical animal communication sessions. Susan did not talk about general, ‘fluffy’ information, but she provided insightful information that was trans-formative and extremely useful for me as well as the health/well being of my dog. Most of all, it is clear that this is the work that she is destined to do because she delivers the messages in a authentic, caring way from a place of genuine love.
Dr. Daphne Mobley, CEO, ACC, DVM
I had such a wonderful experience with Susan. I was referred to her after a difficult year of health problems with my Yorkie, Jager. I was very doubtful at first but she told me things that no one could possibly know about. She was gentle and loving and spent so much time on the phone with me. Jager and II had the opportunity to get my questions answered as well as hear what my dog wanted to share with me. Not only did this session provide me with reassurance but a reminder of the bond my dog and I share. We also spoke about some dietary issues that Jager had been having and she let me know his input, it has made all the difference! I have recommended her to friends and family. Thank you so much for everything Susan!