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An Animal Soul Speak session is a one-on-one Zoom experience with Susan, where she communicates with your pet to get to the issues.  Animals love this work.  Pets have wondrous elements to bring about healing to the household.  This is great for pets both present and past.


Animal Soul Speak sessions are known to include:

• Messages from Furry Loved Ones
• Enhanced Understanding
• Behavior Modification
• Health and Well-being
• Bond Strengthening
• Closure and Healing

All services are intended for guidance and entertainment purposes only. We do not provide any guarantees or make any implications. Please note that intuitive readings should not be considered a substitute for professional medical, financial, legal, or psychiatric care. All intuitive readings are subject to personal interpretation and we do not assume responsibility for any actions taken.

Don't miss out! Susan hosts online spiritual Zoom Events every month.